Erik Valdemar Sköld (b. 1991) is a swedish composer of contemporary classical music. He was born and raised in Norrköping, and is currently based in Malmö in the southern part of Sweden. He began his musical studies at the age of three when he started to play the violin according to the suzuki-method. At the age of five he had his first lessons in piano, and it was also during this time that his very first attempts in composing music occured. Throughout his younger years Sköld was a singer in several choirs (such as St. Olai Boys Choir), and as a teenager he began to play the oboe and played in Norrköpings Ungdomsymfoniorkester (NUSO). His first big opus was a short little christmas-song, written in 2006 with lyrics by Gunnar Hjort.

After graduating secondary grade school at De Geergymnasiet in 2010, Sköld became a student at Linköping University. During his time there, Sköld was an active member of Linköpings Studentsångare (LKSS), as well as Linköping Academic Orchestra (LAO). In 2013, after taking private lessons in music theory for the composer Sven Hagvil, Sköld became a student at S:t Sigfrids Folkhögskola in Växjö where he was taught composition and music theory for composers Erik Bratt and Erik Berndalen.

Sköld was after two years at St. Sigfrids Folkhögskola accepted into the Academy of Music in Malmö, where he studied for Rolf Martinsson, Luca Francesconi, Staffan Storm, Kent Olofsson, and Björn-Tryggve Johansson. Since autumn 2019, Sköld is a student of the prolific operatic composer Hans Gefors.

Throughout his career, Sköld's music has been performed by several ensembles, like Linköping Academic Orchestra, Jönköping Sinfonietta, Helsingborg Symphony Orchestra, Musica Vitae and Swedish Wind Ensemble. He's also been a part of a number of contemporary music festivals, such as Norrköpingsljud, Connect Festival and Lund Contemporary. In 2015 he came in second place with his piece "Nemo Saltat Sobrius" for female chorus in a contest that was announced by the finnish choir Florakören.

Sköld does not exclusively work within the genre of contemporary classical music; in both 2018 and 2019 he competed in SMASK (Sveriges Musikakademikers Sång Kåntest) with schlager-songs which he wrote together with lyricist and singer-songwriter Sonja Spisská Enebjörn. Other ensembles that Sköld has collaborated with over the years include Linköpings Studentsångare, Stockholm Saxophone Quartet, Malmö Sinfonietta and the Bourbaki Ensemble from Newtown, Australia.